Professional Certificate in Data Science & Analytics

Course Overview

With the explosion of digital information, data has become the cornerstone upon which the survivals of most businesses are hinged upon. This has resulted in an exponential demand for Data Scientist globally, so-much-so that the Harvard Business Review has referred to Data Scientists as the ‘Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’. This course is designed to help you acquire the concepts, tools, techniques and advanced programming skills (such as Advanced Python & Advanced R) that are essential for a career in data science. It will cover the key topics from data science to big data, and the processes of gathering, sorting and handling data. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Skills that are transferrable across the business, retail, e-commerce, advertising and healthcare sector 
  • Become a sought-after and highly experienced technology professional
  • A qualified data analytics pro

About Veritas University College

At Veritas, we are constantly re-thinking the learning process and leveraging on efficiency, technology and strategic partnerships to provide a holistic next gen educational journey for our students. As a result of our far-reaching efforts, Veritas has received the BrandLaureate Best Brand in Online Education award for 2020, 2021 and 2022 in recognition of our exceptional academic and co-curricular experience.

About BAC Digital Academy

We are an industry-certified and recognised training academy. Our panel of subject matter experts have specifically structured the curriculum to focus on current trends and best practices in Data Science & Analytics, and you will have the flexibility of studying anytime, anywhere with our learning management system (LMS).

Entry Requirements:

  • Malaysian citizens – Job Seekers, Retrenched workers, Graduates, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs  
  • No prior knowledge of computer science or any programming languages are required for joining this course. You will be taught the essential basic skills, tools, programming and knowledge for data science.
  • Participants are also required to bring along their laptops during this course. (Please avoid bringing work laptops that may limit your access to external domains)

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