Motivational Mindsets How Do We Keep Going?

Motivation is a tricky thing. Sometimes we’re so motivated, our productivity goes through the roof- and possibly beyond. And sometimes, we have days where we seem to be completely devoid of it, particularly in recent times.     Don’t worry- this doesn’t lead on to the phrase ‘in these unprecedented times’ or anything along those lines (trust us when we say that we’re as sick of that phrase as you are). Suffice to say, many of us have struggled with maintaining a positive, motivated outlook throughout the pandemic- especially with an increased spate of lock downs and (for some), having to work from home. Some of us find it easier to work from home – the relaxing atmosphere, access to your stash of snacks at all hours, and the company of your family and your pets (if any). Some, on the other hand, are finding themselves at the risk of a severe burnout, or at least, a severe drop in motivational levels, contributed by several factors- including, but not limited to: feeling unable to separate from work and home life, longing for a change of environment and finding it difficult to focus on things due to anxiety. While we’re not saying that these feelings of stress and anxiety should be ignored, at the same time, they cannot be allowed to dominate our life and routine.   “When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe   Motivating ourselves to keep going can be tough- but it is doable. Check out these tips.

1. Maintain A Routine

The simple act of following a daily routine could be considered repetitive- or could serve as a way of providing some structure to your days. Try to follow your daily pre-lockdown routine as closely as you can- maybe even tweak it to include a few improvements (fixed workout times, early meal plans, etc.)! This serves to help give some shape and (as we mentioned) structure to your days, providing a sense of familiarity which helps soothe lock-down frazzled nerves.

2. Have a list of achievable ‘goals’

The key word here being “achievable”. It can be as simple as jotting down 5 tasks you aim to accomplish for the day. Each task you tick off gives you a sense of gratification, thanks to a dopamine rush from the satisfaction of completing a task. An added plus: seeing lists of what you have achieved written down also serves as a reminder of how much you actually have done!  

3. Reach Out to Friends and Family

No seriously. It may seem like a no-brainer, and something that we probably did a lot of during the initial days of the pandemic (Skype calls and Zoom movie parties, anyone?). But as the workload from office piles up, and time goes by, how many of us have actually kept that up? Reach out to your friends. Call home. Yes, they might be busy, and they might be stressed, but even a simple “Hey, how are you?” text message could be enough to let them know you’re thinking of them. Go ahead and cheer them up.  

4. Take Care of Your Health

“Take care of my health? In a pandemic? Thank GOODNESS you told us, I NEVER would have thought of it!” Yes, we know this seems obvious- but we aren’t just talking about masking up and social-distancing (although they are important) Getting enough sleep, eating healthily and making sure you get enough exercise (and no, the walk from your bed to your laptop does NOT count) are all an important part of that too! After all, health is wealth, and it can’t hurt to have a surplus!  

5. Carve out time to indulge in personal hobbies

Yes, you should! Personal hobbies are rewarding and indulging in them is an act of taking time solely for yourself- it is your way of giving yourself time to relax and unwind after the pressures and task of the day. Make that time for yourself, and give yourself something to look forward to each day; that will definitely keep you going!   It’s been tough ladies and gentlemen, and it doesn’t look like it’s ending soon. But as long as we’re still standing (or sitting- depends on how comfortable you are), we’re still fighting, and we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. Stay safe and good luck everyone!
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