Relevance At The Workplace

When one mentions the word ‘relevance’, we think and associate it to today. Your worth, your contribution to the people around you, and to the company you work for.  Relevance alone is not complex to begin with, but the ability to open your mind, steer away from complacency and denial, and accepting ‘your relevance’ or none of, is the first step to acknowledging the need for growth.  Relevance is not a static achievement, but something where one constantly needs to nurture and renew, and this will be the measure of how others will value your contribution  Workplace Relevance does take a little effort, on your part. Looking at your co-workers, and working environment, you need to ask yourself, “Am I of relevance to my companyWhat is needed of me?, How can I improve myself?   With that in mind, let’s see what makes an individual relevant at the workplace.   upskill reskill Know-How  When you are at a certain job, know how to use the tools you are supposed to, especially when it comes to making your job easier. If you see yourself getting uncomfortable or struggling to keep up, probably with the latest operating system, trends or software that is related to your field, LEARN how to use them. Or, enroll for a course that will teach you how. If you need something done soon, do not feel ashamed to ask a fellow colleague for assistance. They would be more than happy to teach you.    Show-How  You know you have it in you. You know your strengths and capabilities. Your boss or fellow colleagues however, may not. Then, show them!! Use all that is within you to progress and succeed at your job. Of course, we do not expect you to unveil all the tricks in your bag. Be wise. Know what to use, where to use it, and when to.    Do-How  In any organisation, there will be the high-performers and high-achievers. There will be fellow colleagues who may be performing better than you. Do not look at this as a threat, rather see what these colleagues are doing differently. There is no harm in trying to follow his/her style. Along the way, tweak it to suit the way you work. But, do make sure it contributes to your productivity.  Being relevant means having not to worry about losing your job. It is about you being of value, and adding value to the company you work for. It is about you being relevant. If you need a little help in upskilling or reskilling, there are numerous platforms to help you achieve this.  LEARN to UNLEARN to RELEARN!! 
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